Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Lights

     This may not be very exciting to you. But I am sooo excited as today an electrician came to install some new track lights for me in my studio. There is a huge long boring story behind this as the box of lights has been sitting in the studio for way too long but I won't bore you. It has become a joke actually in the family but I have been patiently waiting for a friend to install them-for months.

      But today was the day. Look up at the ceiling-very exciting to have it done.

     I had to clean before they came as they warned me about drywall dust. Not much dust at all but  it is very nice to have a really clean studio.

     This is taken with just the recessed lights on and daylight. The colors when I photograph are really washed out in comparison to how I see them.

  This is a little better and brighter I think but I will have to angle the lights differently now that I see this. But definitely truer to the actual colors I see without really fussing with my camera settings.

    One more picture of clear clean tables.

    And now I will go deal with this. And not tell my family because the saga of the lights continues.

    I also need to quickly get to work on the piece you just saw on my design board which is due on Sunday. I feel remarkably relaxed since I have to travel to Vermont tomorrow.  The dog ate my homework or more likely the airlines lost my luggage would be a good excuse. I shouldn't even say that as both have happened before.

    And I think I am just not so nervous about my class anymore. I am really accepting where I am and trying to not be impatient with moving forward. Challenged and working hard but not nervous. Nice to be back and realize how crazy I can make myself.


  1. You are so lucky-you have such a huge studio! It is great to have good lighting, isn't it? I just got better lighting, and love it.

  2. A big clean studio with good lighting! Wow! I am so jelly.
    With everything so neat, you must be itching to finish that assignment. Challenged yet relaxed is a good place to be.

  3. Good lighting. a clean studio, and excitement on the design wall ... Woo Hoo! Have a good trip and I hope all your luggage completes the journey with you.

  4. OHMYWORD Colleen! I am blown away by your studio -
    -AND you WORK (of course!) Such interesting methods.
    How can you do anything but create?