Friday, September 30, 2011

What About My Art?

     Yes, I have been spending a lot of time looking at art, but what have I been doing this week as far as my work is concerned?

     I spent the week cataloging or organizing each piece I have made in the past two and a half years. I found a program that is super easy to use called Flick. I struggled for about 6 months trying to learn excel on my own. Oh for pete's sake-sometimes I wonder what I was wasting so much time on. I re-photographed some of the pieces so they have "real" pictures. Everything that is completed is priced and has been photographed. And a pile has been made of those that are unfinished and deemed worth the time to finish. Others have been let go of-trashed or cut up for other things.. What a great thing to let go of unfinished junk! In the end, I had 46 finished pieces. It was an overwhelming task to tackle before the 30$ purchase of this program. I refuse to think about all the valuable time I wasted before trying to do this on my own.

     My inventory list also served as a way to prepare a short presentation for my class next week. (Where I came from and where I am at right now.) I really hate public speaking-really hate it but want to act like a mature adult and do a good job. Let's hope I don't cop out as it is optional.  This whole inventory list really helped me to see a chronological history of my work-what works and what doesn't work.

    Also, spent time machine quilting. Machine is back in working order and did so well I kept going and didn't realize  I had a huge wrinkle quilted on the back. I'll sit and remove it tonight while I watch some baseball. ( Love the Tigers for ripping out bad seams and bad quilting.) I really want to get it done before I leave on Sunday but that feels overly ambitious.

     Then, I have been obsessively cutting stamps out of erasers and stamping black on white with Setacolors paint. And monoprinting. Obsessively. For as much as I hated black and white a few weeks ago, I crave it now. Crisp, truth-telling and beautiful. I am just going with this obsession for now. I'll let you know where it leads me.

Be creative, my friends.


  1. Oh, I LOVE these. It reminds me of our days this summer and my obsession with mono printing. These images have such dimension - looks like a whole lot more than black paint on white. Did you use a white on white print for the background? If not, how did you get that lovely texture?
    I hope you give your little speech. Wish I were there to hear it. Can't wait to hear about your barn visit when you get back.

  2. I used white cotton and then I brushed the black paint onto the eraser I had carved and then printed. These Magic Rub white erasers have this bubbly little circle texture that gives you an extra bonus ! I did it on top of my small little iron board covered with plastic. Nice little inside project.

  3. Looks like you did some pretty great stuff this week Colleen. You should give a little talk about your work, you are too modest! I hope you have a great week.

  4. My Magic Rub erasers are perfectly smooth. Who knew you'd get that texture?!

  5. love that black and white 'barb wire' one. very cool

  6. I hope your presentation goes well - congratulations on getting all that cataloguing done!

    Love the stamps - I was wondering how you managed to get the little circle texture. It really works well, what a great array of tones you've gotten as well.

  7. These monoprints are wonderful. Your presentation will be too

  8. I hope your presentation goes well.

    We did this in art class, mandatory, in college.

    it was the most fun part for me, the rubber stamp making...

    it's so funny because i hadn't read this post but did this a few nights ago with a cut apart nut....i love your prints!!