Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More, More and More Artprize

     In case you are wondering, yes, I am absolutely enjoying Artprize. I went down again and more photos for you to enjoy.

Not very many fiber art pieces (or I forgot to take pictures of one or two of them!). This one was very bright and used lots of different materials.

 Just beautiful and there were thousands of pieces of silver leaf floating . Hard to capture.

 This emerging artist came all the way from Australia. He packed his piece in the base for shipment here. He was so excited to be here .

This sculpture looked like it had always been there.

 Grand Rapids skyline. Not great weather here this week but the crowds still came out. And the voters overwhelmed the voting system-computers down all day on the last day of voting....

 A stunning piece of furniture-this sleek bench by Cameron VanDyke. His wife is also an art teacher for our kids high school.

Close up of Taylor Mazer's piece

And last but not least the piece made from coffee sticks-at Kendall College of Art and Design.

Tomorrow is a day with my friend Nellie Durand and we will soak up more art and find a place to eat lunch and talk about more art. The weekend will be for packing and traveling to the Barn for a workshop next week. Guess it is another month full of art and inspiration. Back to work next week!

Be inspired, my friends!

( I am having an awful time uploading photos-will try a few more tomorrow)

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