Thursday, October 6, 2011

The End of The Week

     I am going to bed and hoping some how and some way a little finish fairy will visit my work station and promptly complete another exercise assigned to us this week at the Barn. I am assuming that it is due around 2pm tomorrow. This is piece number 6...(this is a very fast paced class not for the faint of heart)

       Lots of strip pieced fabrics which need to be cut up. They are curved pieces which I hadn't done before...slow poked along I did, I did. And by the end the pile of fabric was way too high. And it needs to probably be cleaned up by 2 as well!
     I have been here for 14 hour days. My right brain hurts-but it has been a good hurt. Coming here is a gift which I don't take lightly.

     Off to bed to try to sleep- I usually am too keyed up to sleep much. But I will try.

     Don't stop being creative, my friends and stretch a little bit. It really is good.


  1. You can do it Colleen! I am amazed you worked that long each day!

  2. That's an outstanding mess - means you've been working like mad! :) How exciting that you're taking a class with Nancy!