Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Like a Squirrel

     Every time I dye fabric, I feel a little like a squirrel. I watched them today as I was outside doing yardwork and they were all scurrying about trying to carry as many nuts as possible back and forth all morning.  I understand their hurry up attitude because I feel as if I need to dye as much fabric as possible before winter.  So, it really is no surprise to you or to me that I dyed another 40-45 yards last week. I really only needed a few yards of red. The mess and fuss is already started so I might as well dye more.  And maybe a few paler shades might be nice too...and so it went. Then came the ironing. So, I have been working.

     Beautiful paler shades. And the red which continues to turn out on the orange side no matter what I do.

    Also, found a larger rack and just put it up by my machine. More beautiful color.

     Craving color as I machine stitch two black and white small pieces.

     Just little study pieces to get myself back in action again. At the beginning of the school year, I always take time to think of what my plans will be. A list might be needed here in the sewing room. Just thinking.

    Enjoy the cooler days, my friends. Be creative.

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