Friday, September 9, 2011

And So It Goes

      The end of the week and nothing to show you. I am really disappointed. For some reason, I feel as if I am swimming against the current.

      Today, I was at the local farmer's market at 8am and proud to have this done early. I forgot my wallet.

      I was ready and dressed for yoga (the first in 4 months) after my doctor's appointment at 10. He ran an hour and a half late. I missed yoga . Ok, I will go exercise. Didn't have my tennis shoes once I got to exercise. Went home and took the dogs for a walk instead which is what I usually do.

      Did my chores and then sat down to sew. Time to pick the kids up from school. College girl comes home and the weekend begins.

    Clearly, my day is best when the time in the studio starts early in the morning. I am working on machine quilting some older projects. I have at least figured out that I will feel better and be freer to move on once these projects are done.

    I am hoping for a more focused week- next week. I can make it happen.

    Be creative, my friends.

On another note-Mom is good and news is positive! Thanks for your concern and prayers.


  1. wow, what a day! You are right, I am always reminding myself to get busy right away in the morning-you never know what is going to happen as the day goes on. Have a good weekend!

  2. Thanks-you too! Lots of silliness in a day can happen!

  3. Those days are frustrating for sure but I tend to look at them as getting all the weird stuff out of the way at one time. :) Glad to hear your mom is doing well!!!