Friday, February 4, 2011

Working and working

     Well everyone was home on Wednesday-snowed in. My husband eventually made it to work for two hours but no phones working there. So, he came home to plow for a few more hours. 18 inches of snow is a lot of snow to remove even if you are using a snowblower.

15 minute class exercises
texture exercise

     But as they came and went from my studio, they asked questions.  What are you working on? What will you do next? How do you decide on thread? But at the end of the day, they said :"It takes a long time to do what  you do." And that was in between making a big breakfast, doing wash(5 loads) and then making chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate. And it was a slow relaxing day.

    They truly thought that I am waltzing around the house with little to do and this is a cute little game for me. I don't know if anyone thought that I actually do sew for many hours a day. Yes, what I do or am able to do is a huge privilege. But I am working at it for many hours at a time. And they finally saw what I do. On a daily basis. Maybe I do "work" while they are gone :).

     I am  about 35-45 percent done with the quilting on my "sold" quilt. It's the point where you are beginning to feel progress. You feel guilty working on anything else because you know need to get it done. But it's the really hard part where you need to push yourself through....really dense quilting. And I am  working hard on my two classes. Really hard.

     Just shoot mama now and put her out of her misery.

     Naw- I am having fun.

Natasha-the rest of the story tomorrow.... I just saw your comment!

    Be creative, my friends!


  1. It is fun seeing what you are doing in your classes. I know exactly what you mean: even people who are very supportive don't realize what you are doing every day. Keep at it though!

  2. Thanks Gail! Yes I am. How is your quilt coming?