Wednesday, February 2, 2011

That's A Lot Of Snow!!!

     I don't think we are going anywhere today. I think we have had about 14 inches...or more last night. It's the drifting that is so bad and it is really snowing hard yet. They have called from my husband's office and said no one can get down the street. So he is snowblowing. Good grief- to this day I can't believe he likes doing this. A plow service is needed this time.  I hope he is ok out there so have sent my son to do the porches. The dogs don't know what to do as it is way over their heads.

     Well, since I didn't have a machine yesterday, I figured it would be a good day to get started on my two classes. I was brave and opened the paints. Didn't really feel right to start with but then the color just took me away-as usual. So beautiful. I have no idea whether I did this right ( the right strength on the paper) but that wasn't the point. Just mixing different primaries and then I need to cut them out and chart them. And the information in the book she recommended-even more beautiful . I also started on a color journal cutting and pasting colors I enjoyed.

     I worked on some small projects for my other class. It took me awhile to realize they didn't need to be perfect compositions. They were truly meant to be 30 minute exercises-studies. It felt good to just play for the sake of play and learning. I hadn't used commercial fabrics in a long time either. I loved just looking to see what I had. From what I can see so far, both are excellent teachers and have  great written material and lessons.

    I scurried around yesterday getting ready for the blizzard. We haven't had but one snow day so the kids and I are ready to play. And then, they called to say one of my machines was fixed!!!! I am snowed in and I have a machine. Let's hope it really works.

    Stay warm today. Be creative, my friends!

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  1. Have fun Colleen! We had at least 20 inches, and blowing winds. It is overwhelming to see all that snow in your driveway, and it had drifted over the front porch really deep. I am inside quilting back and forth on a new quilt, enjoying a snow day.