Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Questions Asked

     I forgot to tell you about the questions my friend Mike asked me when he bought my quilt. ( Ah yes the one in process...) Mike was my husband's roommate in college and is now an architect. He and I bartered services a few years ago and he designed my studio space and I made him a quilt. He wanted it hand quilted and it took me months...but he has enjoyed it. I find it interesting that someone who deals in hard materials-architectural materials-enjoys textiles so much. Intriguing.

     With his recent quilt, he walked into my studio and liked the quilt on my design wall. Right away he said it was his. I was really surprised but happy. (In the back of my mind, I was thinking he is just being kind and just wants to help me out. )  I asked him why and he had very specific answers-the colors but mostly the abstract grid pattern. He, in turn, asked me about the process. Those questions are easy to answer. But then he asked me the following questions-

1. What was my inspiration for this piece?
2. What was the inspiration for the design?
3. Where was I trained?
4. What are you doing with all this/ Where do I see myself two years from now?
5. What if someone sees this quilt-am I prepared to do it for someone else?
6. Do I have a portfolio?
7. How many other people are doing art quilts in this area?

     Well, those are the questions, aren't they?

     I have been thinking of them. More than enough. I am just in process right now. I just need to make more pieces to know or catch a glimpse of some of the answers. That was my answer. I am just at the beginning of the path.

    A great friend asking me great questions. Very few people know what to do or how to respond to what I am doing.

    Go over to Jane Dunnewold's  blog, Existential Neighborhood today. What a succinct post.

    Off to take sick child to the doctor and hopefully get some quilting time in today. Marc went skiing in Vermont with his old East Coast friends.

    Be creative, my friends.



  1. i like that he asked you those questions. i assume you had the answers ;)

  2. Excellent questions! You are very fortunate to have a good friend like Mike who can respond to your work. He uses his good eyes to see. And and his developed mind to ask.