Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Loving the World of Color

     Time is flying by the past few weeks. I am happy to see daylight now at 6:15p.m. I know you can feel the snow melting already. I am really tired of talking about snow. So, no more today.

     My little guy Ben has been really sick this weekend. The kind of sick where moms worry much more than you should . But after several trips to the doctor, he seems to be breathing better. It might wipe out a week of school though while he recovers.

     I am really enjoying the process of learning how color works. I have been making little color studies with some fusible squares.

Now, I need to answer the questions. I don't think I will finish any of these, but you never know. It looks pretty  here on the monitor screen.

      Also working on a small piece for a local group I belong to. It is due on February 22nd and since I wanted to add hand stitching thought I better abandon my other project for a day or two and get this one started.

Thank goodness for the seam ripper some days!

     Playing with paints and trying to make a conscientious choice to use colors I am not comfortable with to see how they work.

     I have been tagged by Heather  so must figure out who to tag in return to keep it going. I enjoy finding new bloggers and seeing what others are doing. Thanks Heather!

Be creative, my friends and stay well!


  1. I hope your little one is well soon.
    You are v. organized with your colour practice.
    Thanks for your comment.

  2. Nice color study! I think we all need some color as an antidote to this miserable winter. Hope your son is better soon. I've been nursing a fur-kid (my cat Pepper) and it's amazing how much you worry.