Thursday, February 10, 2011

Paddling and Photoless

     I am having a hard time with blog posting this week. And then, I realized I have not consistently carried a camera in my purse for about 6 weeks now. Might have been the fear of adding any more pictures to my already overly stuffed file folders on my computer or just the general lack of disorganization in the photos that made me unconsciously not take pictures. Maybe I was just getting lazy. Or maybe it is just the general greyness out there. I don't have a clue. But somewhere along the line, I stopped taking pictures.

     And then there is the last 10 foggy days of no school snow days and sick kids that just really didn't spur me on. But they are better. And the sun is out. The suitcases are packed. And we are going on vacation to my favorite photo spot-Vermont. Amazing it has all come together.

     When we get there and have found lost luggage and recovered from late or missed flights, pretty pictures and maybe some art. I hope.

     Be creative, my friends. Because I sure have been slow paddling against the stream to get anywhere this week.

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