Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yes, I am Sewing...

     The question was asked by Betsy-so are you doing any sewing this summer? Well,  I admit I have been a stuck. Not really having any focus and distracted by the craziness of my life lately. I know it's summer and I do have less time to sew but just stuck ---But just stuck. I start things and don't push through that one spot you get in when it doesn't make sense and I just stop.

     So I decided to work backwards and see if I could make sense of anything. I just created more chaos as I now have about 5 different things started. So I sat down last night and told myself I would not go to bed until I just finished something. Just a top -machine or hand quilting will have to wait until fall.

I committed to myself to finish the other four in the works by next Friday. Less than one a day and they aren't big. This one-no name yet-is about 17x26.  Just to keep moving forward in some way. I had lots of goals for this summer. Maybe I can reclaim them.

It started pouring as I was trying to take a picture.

Lots of inspiration. Time to move on. No more excuses. I only have two more weeks here. I know I can enjoy my time here and still have time to sew. No more excuses.

Happy Summer, my friends!


  1. i like how this feels kind of 'fat'. does that make sense?

  2. Yeah I think so. Fat but maybe not finished yet! I'll keep going.