Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vermont Days

   It was so nice to have my whole family here this past weekend. Also, some old friends came to enjoy the weekend with us. They are marathon runners and they loved the hills..(my fat butt just likes to walk.) Anyway, we took some time to go blueberry picking after we dropped Marc at the airport.
(She looks great despite her near death car accident!) 20 lbs of blueberries later and stuffed with blueberry cobbler and ice cream-what is a girl to do?

I wanted to see what happens if I dyed my fabric with blueberry juice. I found 3 great old enamel pots to try some natural dyeing. I forgot my book though so if anyone has any info for me, let me know what my mordant should be-salt,vinegar,alum?  Crazy most days, I know.

Off to enjoy a great day of sunshine- the beach and finding old barns today. Don't want to waste the day inside.

Happy Summer, my friends!

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