Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer Colors

I never do know what color is my favorite but I do like the yellow, greens and blues. Maybe because it reminds me of summer.

When you are in the Green Mountains, it is hard to know where the sky and the mountains divide...they all seem to blend together on a sunny day. Working on my third little top to show you this week. Finished number 2 last night, but too wet out to bring my silk piece outside.

I love how fabric dyeing makes you feel very productive. 25 more meters this weekend. The stack on the right is a pile of over dyes and I love how rich the color is.

I started out needing to make red. I guess I got distracted. Also working on doing some surface design with freezer paper. It's a multistep process that I need to take my time with.

Speaking of time, I only have about 8 more days left here in Vermont. I am already thinking of how to get all this stuff home. And still have room for the two big dogs and two kids!

Should have done some reds. Maybe later. Fabric dyeing here is done with for this year as I have used all 150 meters up!

Happy summer,my friends!

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