Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vermont Days

     I am in absolute perfectly content state of happiness right now. It's a rainy day and I am using the wi-fi at the local library.It's the small things in life that really make me happy:)

     We are all settling in to the lazy days of summer. Just snippets from the past week of my favorite things to do here in Vermont. I love to watch the farmer hay our meadow and look at the rows left in the field before he tethers it and rolls it into bales.

I love to watch the kids show their cows at the 4-H shows. The show this past weekend was in Highgate, VT which is almost to the Canadian border. The kids work incredibly hard to get their animals ready and to show.

Yes, she is blow drying the cow's topline which she cut the day before. The whole cow is shaved in preparation for the showing.

She placed second in fitting and showmanship-way to go Hope and Beauty!

Daylillies everywhere right now. This is the fence at the front of my house.

My favorite rocking chair for the end of the day.

Enjoying my days here now that it's not so hot. Even a day of rain today is welcome.

A more art related post tomorrow as I spent a day with a friend fabric dyeing and received a package in the mail I ordered from another friend!

Happy Summer, my friends!

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  1. glad you are enjoying it after the rough start...say hi to the librarians and the people at westbranch :)