Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Treats

     Every once in awhile, you need a treat. And the ones I really enjoy are the treats that people have made. The art that they have made is even better. I ordered two things for my little table here in VT. I am always losing my four most important tools on my table- I am messy but once I get started I don't want to stop to look for things. So I ordered this recycled pipe vase from my new friend Paula. I have never personally met Paula-but she has been a great help to me.

I love it. It is smoothly polished yet it retains all of  it's chips and worn spots to give it lots of character. In the past 48 hours of marathon sewing at night, it is trustworthy for containing my mess. Love it.

My other absolute treasure is this little clock. It has a temporary home in my barn while I work on dyeing and surface design. It keeps me on track when I get carried away at night. But most importantly, it just makes me smile. I am the proud owner of a Paula clock.  I had my eye on this one for awhile and finally did it. Smiling, I am and it's perfect.

Not a great picture but I wanted to tell you about it as Paula is auctioning off a few of her clocks on e-bay. Just a few so go find out about her art. It all began with friend of her's who handed me a card.

Thanks Paula for the inspiration. And the great new art I have purchased.

Happy Summer, my friends!


  1. hey! been gone most of the day so just now catching up. how nice of you to post your new treats here. thank you! i see i should have sent you a short vase, my scissors fit fine, ididn't know you had little dinky ones :(
    hopefully you are truly happy with the size and feel of that vase. i love knowing that that clock is out there, in my old a barn no less. love it! (glad that phone number is defunct..god know what sort of spamers i'd get haha)
    thank you again colleen, happy to see these in your world.

  2. No- I am so happy with the size. It feels and looks great. Love them both!
    Back in your old diggs- will pass on your"hi " to them soon.

  3. good to hear :) and thanks for the post i think it inspired someone else to buy a vase and put scissors in them!

    enjoy those red hen baguettes.....have you had the fennel seed one that is 2 feet long? wow....

  4. oh and you should visit my friend liz, she has a b & b organic farm stand and now a tea room, she is off of moscow road, first left where the old soup shop used to be. 4 or so houses down bug yellow house you can't miss it. she paints too, teaches french...amazing woman will welcome you with open arms.

  5. I will check her out - with all the trauma around here I could use a little diversion:) good news on the alternate use of the vase. And the sale!

  6. Glad to hear your daughter is doing OK, what a scare! Hard to be a parent sometimes! Thanks for introducing me to Paula's blog, I have been reading it and now am buying some vases.

  7. whoohoo! double thanks colleen!