Friday, July 9, 2010

Hot, Hot and Hotter

     I know I am hot here in Vermont with a long stretch of 90 plus days this week . Absolutely no air is moving. We have one room with an air conditioner in it but other than that we are braving the heat. And then I quit fussing when I see how hard the farmers are working in this heat to get their hay in. I love seeing all the bales of hay on the fields. And I see how hot my fair skinned 14 year old is after working for a few hours at the dairy barn...and I quit complaining. She has been getting up at 5:30 this week just to get her cows ready for her first 4H show this week. It's a little cooler then but not much. I am sweating just sitting here typing. Thank goodness it will turn this weekend.

     Computer fixed and much better. I always second guess my ability to know when things aren't right with it and blame it on my lack of knowledge rather than feel for how it's working. Oh well. Maybe my brain is just fried this week....

     One for my goals for this summer was to dye a lot of fabrics. I like to dye here in my barn and have myself supplied for the year as far as fabric is concerned. A secondary goal was to practice all of these techniques I have recently learned. And figure out if it is something I would like to use and how to integrate it into what I am doing. So I tried acrylic wash which I was introduced to from Velda Newman.

     I took a piece of fabric and placed it in a hoop. I wet the canvas with a clean brush.

Then I took just a little acrylic paint-very watered down- and began spreading it on the canvas. I only had three colors. Then I used  some miscellaneous tools and just played with these two pieces I let them air dry for about two days and then threw them in the washing machine, air dried them again and ironed. I was surprised how soft they were. There was a little fading but not much. It just softened it. Voila, two new pieces of very unique fabric.

    I would use this again. But wouldn't buy more paint at this time unless I have a 50 percent off coupon!

  Had a bad day today. It happens. People just not acting nicely here and need to think of how to handle it tomorrow. I'll just think of my double rainbow from last week instead! Isn't it beautiful? 

Happy thoughts, my friends!


  1. just keep in mind when everyone says they hate'd give anything for this warmth. if it makes you feel any better its been 95-99 with 90-100% humidity where i live for 2 months. at least heat doesn't hurt like cold does....
    okay. so much for me being sympathetic.
    glad you are able to enjoy sunshine and get your fabric outside, thats a good thing yeah?

  2. I grew up in Vermont. Rarely got 80's up there. Now in TN, and it's been really hot. 17 days of 90's. I don't mind as much as the cold. That goes right through my bones. Got frostbitten too many times up there. Where in VT are you? I grew up in Ludlow, and went to high school in Springfield. Wonderful place to grow up. Never locked the house, and keys ]were always in the car. Dad got us all on skiis at a very young age. I miss some of it. The clear air. TN has the smoky air. Just doens't seem right....

  3. Paula-yes I love working outside...I'll quit complaining. But even the Vermonters were saying that it was a long stretch.

    Patty-Do love VT. It's our second home and we have been coming here for about 9 years now. very nice time for my kids to just hang out outdoors from dawn to dusk. and maybe later if it's really clear and the stars are out.