Saturday, July 17, 2010

She Is Safe

     I keep saying those works over and over again...My husband called me at about 7:30 am on Thursday morning to let me know that my 19 year old daughter Erin had been in a car accident. He had seen her at the scene after a call from an unnamed good samaritan. He let me know right away that she was awake, alert and talking to him. She was on her way to work on the interstate , felt a swerve and rolled the Volvo station wagon 3 times. I was ok until he said the car flipped three times. Then the physical therapist in me kicked in and was asking all kinds of questions to make sure her spine and head were intact-which they are.

 She is at home with Marc and resting with a hard collar on until she goes to the orthopedic doctor on Tues. The car was totaled but the box which held the driver was intact. A definite miracle. It has always been one of my fears -not being there when one of my kids got hurt. But my husband has handled this very calmly(he's shopping for another car-it was his....) and has taken good care of her.

    I desperately want to go home but she wants to come here as scheduled next week. And I knew after the comments-"Mom you will just sit here and make me crazy looking at me and asking me if I am ok." I knew then that she was ok for now with dad until we have more information.  And snapping at me like that was understandable-even brought a smile to my face because I knew if she needed me she wouldn't hesitate to ask me to come home.

     I don't know if she will be ok to travel. Then I will go home.  But for now I just keep saying over and over in my head-thank you God for keeping her safe and with us. I can't wait to hold her in my arms and let her know how much I love her!

  Everything looks a little brighter today. Even these fabrics that I dyed this past week. They aren't ironed yet but that really doesn't matter, does it?

Sewing is keeping me sane at night so hope to have some tops done soon. And if not, that doesn't really matter either. She is safe.

Happy summer and if you pray, please keep us in your prayers.


  1. Your fabrics look wonderful. It was such a fun time and I posted to my blog too - a photo essay.
    So glad Erin is ok. Praying for you all.

  2. continuing to send good thoughts..different than prayer? who knows..just hoping for the best and a full recovery.
    glad you have bright wrinkly cloth :) looks perfect to me.
    good job at not totally losing it colleen...can't imagine.

  3. What a traumatic thing to go through for all of you! Very glad she is safe, how hard it must be not to be with her right now. I do hope she will be able to travel to you, Will be praying for you all, dear Colleen!