Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Sick Computer

I started having problems last week with my computer and blamed it on my lousy dial up. Well dial up is still lousy and slow but my computer is just sick. It has gone to the computer hospital today. After I got my car keys back from my huband who mistakenly took them back to MI with him. The fed ex man was a hero this morning- he said three people don't usually greet him in the driveway. Keys back, computer gone. So we solve one problem and another one comes big deal but just an inconvenience.

So I'll be back when the computer is back. It's really hot here-95! Time to find some water.
Happy Summer, my friends!


  1. Wish I could send a dip in Lake Michigan to you. It's hot here, too, but there's a nice breeze along the shoreline and the water is perfect ... clean and refreshingly warm.

    Hope your computer gets fixed and back home FAST.

  2. Thanks Nellie! We went to a great lake here- cool and clear. Lake Caspian. Definitely not Lake Michigan though. Glad you are enjoying your summer.