Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So What Do You Think?

     I feel a bit stuck and would love to hear your opinion. No major decisions or anything but just an inconvenience for me. I am in Vermont for another six weeks. ( I know- I lead a really tough life...)

  There are many things that I love about being here.

 But the one thing I really dislike seems to be more inconvenient this time-lack of internet service. I knew I was reliant on the computer for many things but I wasn't blogging last summer. I really do enjoy it and I miss it if I don't do it. Is the pain og blogging with dial up service worht it? Dial-up service is the only thing available to me and my pictures distort and turn out all blurry. It had taken me 50 minutes to download these meager photos....

So I guess my choices are 1.take a break for six weeks. Or 2.continue with less photos and may be just twice a week? So I don't drive myself crazy. I am not a very patient computer person....

Quilt related updates:40 yards of fabric dyed-least you think I am not working! and one piece being worked on .

 So what do you think? Do you take time to read blogs in the summer? Is it less often or time to take a break?

Happy Summer,my friends!


  1. I find I do just as much in the summer as other times of the year. Of course, I'm not dealing with ancient internet service. There are times when I think about taking an extended break. But, I do worry about losing my readers. I've left off of posting for five or six days and thought that was going to be it, but then I need my fix.

    I think your readers will still want to hear about what you are doing and will be able to get by with seeing one or two photos a week. I don't think a post without a photo has ever caused any lasting damage.

    Have a fantastic, creative summer!

  2. you also could be putting up much small sized photos (resolution). these are huge and not necessary :)

  3. Remember - you asked. :)

    What sort of memories do you want you & your children to have of summers in VT? Will blogging on a dial-up service help or hinder you in achieving that goal?

    It sounds like your life is so very busy & full & stretched in every direction in MI that a summer reprieve from all those external demands would recharge you in a much needed way, but perhaps just being away is enough...

    When are you most creative? When thoroughly relaxed with no pressures or when you have some tension?

    Only you know the answers my friend! While I will enjoy reading any updates, I will also understand if there are none for a while.

    So, while you decide, get outside & enjoy the beauty all around you and create some wonderful memories being the awesome, fun mom I know you are!

    :) Sharon

  4. Ok- I thank you all for your wise advice.
    Kim- I do keep working and making in the summer and the blogging is part of my process so I just can't stop.
    Paula-always so wise- I don't know why my pictures are so big...but that is fixable
    Sharon- I just hate to admit this but I guess I thrive on some level of chaos. But summer is my time to slow down and have fun with the kids.

    so my answer is...somewhere in the middle.

  5. I would miss you. Oh, and we need to schedule some face time now that you're so close! I'll be calling....