Monday, June 28, 2010

A Warm Rainy Day

  I finally felt like I could think again today. Everything is unpacked and put away. Groceries are put away. And it's a warm rainy day here in Vermont. I spent the moring sewing. Slow mindless strip piecing with a few of the fabrics I brought with me. I decided to go backwards -I just seem stuck with all the new info so I went back to easy piecing. And it was just plain nice again. Not much brain work involved and I loved it.

     The kids were settling down and playing darts in the garage so I decided to start dyeing fabric in the barn when I saw the sun starting to peek out this afternoon. I picked a few colors I had purchased smaller samples of at the Quilt Festival on Saturday-butterscotch, eggplant, teal blue, nickel and then one color that was just a mix of old dyes I had. I thought I would just start out with about ten yards for today.

     Well you know how that works out. It just multiplies. I had lots of different kinds of fabrics that were leftover form previous dyeing days-linen, linen-cotton blend, broadcloth and just plain PFD cotton from Testfabrics. I kept going until I ran out of containers.

   It's always nice to see your work all lined up.

Another rainy day tomorrow to wash it all out. Sorry these pictures are so blurry. My dial up connection is killing me! If anyone has any suggestions ,I will take them . Almost worth selling a  sewing machine for some type of a computer solution-just kidding!

Happy Sewing, my friends!

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