Monday, January 4, 2010

An Amazing Vacation

   I am so glad to be home today. We had an amazing vacation at our second home in Vermont. We left the day after Christmas and came home late (very late!) last night. We have had our home there for about five years now and really cherish the week after Christmas playing. My husband and the kids ski. I stay behind and cook hot soups or stews for them, take long walks, go snow shoeing or sew. It is win, win for everyone. I love having a fire and reading or sewing at night. But I hate flying home-it's chaos and last night we left Burlington, VT after it had just had 26 inches of snow. I  thank God that we made it out and made it safely!

     I was able to start some projects. I have had so many requests to make baby quilts and wanted a prototype to sell. Just had fun playing with that. Also, spent some time setting those goals that sometimes get accomplished. One thing I know I will be doing is picking up my journal again. So, I bought a new journal to start out the year. Seems to be one more step to the process but I always can pick up new ideas and plans through it.

  I am very glad to have internet service! I went to the library  in Stowe, VT to do the minimal posts after Christmas that I did. It took forever to download photos though. I appreciate my easy internet access here!

     Well- need groceries and errands run. Better go! Nice to be back. Happy Sewing, my friends!


  1. man i'm glad i'm not there anymore! i can imagine the taxi ride to burlington :)

  2. We rented a car-just couldn't imagine it without tod-plus the old car we have there never starts! I did visit west branch and will update you soon