Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Clearing the Clutter

     Just how does everything get so out of control in one month? Well I need to get rid of all the Christmas stuff and move on to sewing here soon. Another day and I should be good to go... or maybe I can't get back into the routine....My tree is still up but hopefully tonight will be down and put away.

    I am wavering between what to do with all these quilts I generate . Since I have had requests for baby quilts,  I played with some baby quilt ideas to sell on Etsy.  Easy and they reminded me of summer.  I will quilt it, wash it and see how it looks all nice and crinkly from the quilting.

     I also made some flannel tops. So nice and soft to work with. Am undecided yet how to proceed. I am really tired today...can you tell? Or maybe just missing Vermont and vacation times.

My daughter Hope has such a hard time saying good-bye to "her" cows that she helps with. I don't think Chilly wanted her to go either.

  Absolutely unfocused today.

I think I will have another cup of coffee before I go conquer this:

Or maybe I just need a nap! Happy Sewing, my friends!

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  1. I really like your striped squares top. And I'm having trouble getting into gear also. Deadlines looming and still procrastinating. I even have a good idea, but struggling to get started. [Big Sigh]