Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Machine Quilting 101


     I  read last night that it takes about 500 hours to become proficient in machine quilting. Since I only have at the most 250 hours in , I guess I have no choice but to continue. I have decided today, I will minimize what I rip out and just keep going. None of these would be for a show and I need to kind of go with what the quilt is and that is improvisational. I also took one of their suggestions and tipped my machine back a bit by putting a small book under it. I think that helped to open up my line of vision. I picked this beautiful batik of Vermont wildflowers for the back. It was made for a shop hop so I don't  think you will find any left.

     I will not fight with the process today! I did finish another UFO. It was really fun. It has lots of fun stuff in it: recycled raw edge silk, hand-dyed silk ribbon, hand-dyed linen(the deep blue background), hand-dyed cottons,  metallic thread, and it's fused. I can't use it for a challenge because it is three inches too big on one side. Have to think of something else....

                                                                    Moving Up
                                                                       16x 22

     Fortunately, it's done. Unfortunately, I didn't count it on my personal list for Project Joy!  Happy sewing, my friends!

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  1. I like these quilts and the fabric too is beautiful! Your photos are really a joy to look at.