Thursday, November 12, 2009

Did you ever buy something big...

      and not like it? I feel like I have given her a fair chance. I have written off many of her problems to my ineptness as a machine quilter. I have given her a name in order to bond with her.( Her name is Betsy. ) But Betsy and I just aren't making it together. I have spent many hours trying to bond with her. I have figured out her computer. Hint...Hint...she isn't  a person.

      But she has a problem I don't know I can't get over. She wobbles at the needle level. ( Yup, I have totally lost my mind this week. I am not whining, just stating fact.)  Yes, you guessed it, Betsy is a sewing machine. She wobbles, not from the machine jiggling on the table, but at the needle level.  I thought it was me but my local sewing buddy said she has had three traded in this month.  I have read about it on the internet.The dreaded needle wiggling.  But that doesn't solve my problem. So I am left with intermittent wobbly stitches. Maybe she needs to be traded in....( I won't tell you which brand it is as I don't want to get in to machine bashing. Sounds like a punishable crime. I will tell you I switched brands with this purchase. ) I have gotten out the older wiser machine(Clare) but the needle is banging on the hook so Clare is off to the shop. You know this whole UFO project is soon to be over for me unless Clare and Betty pitch in to do their fair share, don't you?
      Some positive news. I have taken the plunge and signed up for another class at the Barn this spring with Nancy Crow: Sets and Variables. I debated a long time about this. I am looking for my own style, so why take another class from her? Why not someone else? Because she makes me think the most and work harder than anyone else, so someday I can be myself.  And now I need to decide how much of my fabric I dyed this summer should be put away for it-all 220 yards?


     That seems like a huge number but when you see  it on the shelves, you realize how quickly you could burn through it sewing at the speed you need to there. My laundry room was moved upstairs which isn't conducive to dyeing in the winter ahead.  Do I save it for May?  Any suggestions?

     My commercials are dwindling. Although the drawers are full of fat quarters.



Ok so there are six drawers and a few more you haven't seen yet. Just the hand-dyed I'd like to save. Well, off to the sewing machine store to drop off Clare. Peaceful thoughts amidst a frustrating week with this sunset picture. Happy sewing , my friends.


  1. When is your class? Does this preclude Chicago? I'm glad you decided to go. You've grown so much already - I can't wait to see where this one takes you!

  2. My class is May 10-14th. Mmmm....don't know about Chicago. Were you thinking about it?