Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lines Study #1 on the Barn

      This is a great way to start 2013 with one workshop exercise completely pieced. I was unable to make the last cut as I only have one cutting mat here which is only 24x36. Well, I could have done it but I really didn't want to make that last cut in error.

©2013, Colleen Kole, Textiles. Line Study #1 on the Barn, 52x72

©2013, Colleen Kole, Textiles, Line Study #1 on the Barn, 52x 72

©, Colleen Kole,  Textiles, Line Study #1 on the Barn, 52x72

©, Colleen Kole, Textiles, Line Study #1 on the Barn , 52 x72

This was started in Sets and Variables #3 in October with the wonderful Nancy Crow teaching. This was an exercise varying line, shape and a value gradation. I hesitate to tell you more as that is part of the intrigue of taking her classes -not knowing exactly what the exercise is before you are there.  I can't wait to do more lines. Love them.

 I think I have 7 more workshop quilts from 2012 and I need to decide what is necessary for me to complete. Maybe they were truly just exercises and I need to take the ideas and move on.

Now to decide how to quilt it.


  1. Wow! You've jumped started the new year with a terrific piece. Go, Colleen, go!

  2. Wonderful. Its such a great feeling to finish projects. Your very smart to prioritize what to finish and what to skip!

  3. That looks great Colleen!I am excited to see what you have been up to lately!

  4. Great way to start off the new year!! Love the Energy of this quilt!

  5. What a great composition, and your line work is stellar! Love the introduction of lighter and brighter background pieces.