Thursday, January 17, 2013

17 Seems To Be The Number

     Happy Thursday January 17th ! I had to laugh when I looked at the date today. There is a lot of 17 going around here.

     Last week I helped to teach a beginning sewing class at the kids high school. It is a busy and crazy  afternoon time with 17 sewing machines, 17 high school students and 4 adults. Only a few of the kids had sewn before and no one had used the machines in front of them. Some of the machines had "issues" and all threaded differently so our first challenge was getting machines operational. The kids were patient but very excited to dig right in.

     They made a small duffle bag cutting out a pattern and really did a great job even sticking with the grommetts that were needed at the end for the closure of the bag. We finished early and had time to make a few small donation quilts. I even showed them how to sew on a button so they could do it when they go away to college.

    I didn't know what to expect when I offered to help.  My biggest worry was they would be bored. But it exceeded all my expectations as the kids were so excited to learn to sew. They loved it and asked if we would come back again next year. 17 kids and 17 sewing machines = great fun.

    The number 17 also made me laugh as I have 17 unfinished pieces from the last few years that I have deemed worthy of finishing. True confessions time. It may be the year of finishing things.

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