Wednesday, October 31, 2012

In a Fog

     For the past few weeks  after my workshop, I came home and have felt like I am in a fog. Dragging around  trying to kick myself into gear. I finally gave up on the "in gear" part, got more sleep and read a few fiction books.

      Then I took a few long walks.

 And  then I went to see some art.

      Finally feel like I am ready to sew again. I started with learning how to put a zipper in. I had never done that before. :) It was really effortless to play. When did I start to make it work?

 It  is work though if you want to make progress. Made a list after I read this post by Robert Genn and now back to the studio.  But I added the return to play to my list, too.


  1. Me too. Camping and hiking for a weekend helped, and I'm finally starting to quilt a medium sized piece. Glad you're putting fun back into the equation!

  2. Brava! What a wonderful place you have to take a walk. Oh, to have Meijer Gardens virtually in your backyard. I love that place.