Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Trying out a Mercedes

     I have journeyed back to Michigan (yup, a mixed up summer)  late Sunday night and hit the ground running with all things art in my world.  More tomorrow for you on that.

      But today I had a long awaited playmate with my very talented friend Terri Watson. She is a long arm quilter with a successful quilting business called Threadtales and a great teacher. I have wanted to try long arm quilting to see if it may be on my long term goal list. So today was the day. 

     Terri had loaded a piece of muslim on her machine and after some quick instructions, I did a test run. I was initially afraid of this big machine but she drove so smoothly I felt like I was driving a supreme driving machine. I LOVED it. It was sooo much fun. And I need to tell you that it is very addicting. Then, she loaded one of my unfinished tops on the machine and away I went.
     I didn't expect perfection. I just had fun and considering that I have done very, very little free motion quilting on my machine, my expectations were low. I felt as if I had been set free. The whole time I was quilting I thought-this is it. I want one. A jar full of pennies has been started-haha!  I really can't tell you how much fun I had. 

     In two hours, I had the machine quilting done. Yup, two hours. Terri's Gamill was truly a Mercedes.  

    Thanks Terri- It was great catching up with you and I so appreciate this! You are the best! 




  1. looks good Colleen!Glad you liked it.

  2. I had an awful lot of fun, too!



  3. With that great big smile, you must be having loads of fun!
    Two hours?! I'm making fmq samples and it's half an hour to fill a little 4" square!