Thursday, July 12, 2012


     I thought  I would have my piecing done today for my Artprize piece but decided to re-make a few of the blocks. Took longer than I thought. I am almost there and could have left them. But then I would always be frustrated that it was just off a little bit.  I dyed about 40 yards of fabric today on a hot 90 degree day, too.

     You know what I will be doing tomorrow! I will be washing out fabric and basting with a lot of pins. I think it will be 7x8 when I am done. That is kind of scaring me as I have never quilted anything that large with a machine.I don't know where to photograph it as it is bigger than my design wall. Any suggestions?


  1. That is huge Colleen! Good for you. And all that fabric dyed too. I love making big quilts, but there sure are issues with them.

  2. If you want the name of the photographer I use in Berkley, let me know. He's really reasonable with his prices. You'll have to contact him to see if he has space for a piece that big but he's very nice and excellent at what he does.