Friday, June 22, 2012

Behind the Scenes

     I have made great use of the super hot weather this past week.  The fabric really loves to be dyed in hot, hot weather !

I took inventory and put all the fabric I had away on my shelves before I started into it with full force. It's amazing how easily I can get sidetracked when I dye with the "what if I add this color? " questions. But, by having a list of what I needed, I managed to stay on track. I tried to dye a batch of more subtle earthy colors as well.

Also, I sorted every bucket and basket of scraps I had and I will be taking a big bag of scraps to Vermont  to do some playing. Because, my Artprize piece is coming along and some play is necessary to breakup the big piece!

What are you working on in the lazy days of summer?


  1. nice strong colors! have fun playing ;)

  2. Wow! You've got great colors including terrific neutrals.
    What, no sneak peak at your Artprize project?

  3. Those look really yummy, Colleen...I am so anxious to hear more about your Art Prize project!

  4. OOO Yummy. Wish I had your determination to dye. I actually like dyeing in winter since there is not much else to do up north.