Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Different Kind of Wish

     Right now I could jump up and down and wish you a Happy  Mother's Day and and tell you how wonderful my kids are. They really are and I love being a mom.

    But this wish is for my friends who are hurting today. The one who recently had her mom die unexpectedly. The one who had a miscarriage and misses what might have been. The friend who made poor choices when she was younger and needed to place her child up for adoption and now misses a child she never knew.

 A friend of mine who died as a young mom and now her son is sixteen and wondering what his mom was like. The mom who placed her adopted child in another home  in hopes he would heal.

     For you , friends who are hurting today on a day filled with lots of love and sentimentality, I wish you peace and a little time to be good to yourself. And just like the hope that spring brings, I wish a good dose of hope  and love for  your day today.

Hugs, my friends! Be creative.


  1. Your heart and thoughts are very caring and kind. Happy Mother's Day to you.

  2. Thanks Nellie and same to you! Sunshine today and it's finally feeling like spring here. We here in Michigan will thaw out.

  3. Thank you for a thoughtful post. Happy Mother's Day to you too, from across the oceans.

  4. Thank you Colleen! Your thoughtful comments help a lot!

  5. You're awesome! Love you!!!!!
    - Sharon

  6. You are welcome. Just had some friends who needed extra hugs last week!

    Sharon -love you too!:)