Monday, April 11, 2011

Back To Sewing

     I have finished the Color Theory class and only need to upload photos to the class group list. So, I was really excited to start sewing today. And not a bit frustrated last night when I realized my two current pieces were going to take longer than planned.

     Hand stitching seemed to suit the piece better with some hand dyed floss. I want to be happy with it rather than race to the finish with this one.

     And the next one has sat on my wall for the past week but I knew it wasn't right. We went away to Traverse City this weekend and after returning, I decided to re-piece sections of it and introduce a new color. What started out small and something I wanted simple, is neither of those things.


      But that's ok.

    Nice to be back sewing again and not working on homework.

     Be creative, my friends!

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