Friday, January 7, 2011

Making Plans/Goals

     I am waiting for this huge storm but, so far, only a few inches compared to the 12 inches forecasted. I have my dyes mixed and am ready to try a limited amount of snow dyeing. I spent some time today dyeing some lovely threads. That is always fun.

    I did have some time over the holiday break to make some plans for the next year. And start making a set of goals for the year. Are you ready? To be bored reading another list on someone's blog? All joking aside, I do think the list might push me along.

Goals/Plans For 2011

1. Complete 20 quilts 3x3 or larger by the end of the year. At least 5 of these quilts will be in a series                       investigating motifs and varying colors.
2. Investigate various surface design techniques including screen printing and deconstructed screen printing.
3.  Continue fabric dyeing in the warm months.
4.  Attend/complete the following workshops:
     Artist's Toolbox: Lyric Kinard-online at Quilt University  January 28th

     Creating Compositional Cloth : Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan at the The barn: May 16-20th
     Silk Dyeing Feb 6th  adult ed at Kendall College
     ? one more for fall

One of my favorite Vermont barns


     The 20 quilts is very ambitious for me. 20 tops-yes but 20 done. Mmm....lots of focus will be required. In all reality,  the next four months mean lots of quilts. (Once May hits our family with sports schedules, I fight a losing battle on getting much done in my studio. ) The overall goal of this year is to gain more exposure to surface design techniques and to investigate motifs within my quilts. Surface design techniques- I am not sure this is an avenue I want to use but I won't know until I try them.

     Well there you have it. It did take me awhile to decide. I love the push that a workshop or class gives me. Maybe a workshop junkie. But a discerning one. I did say no to the Sketchbook Challenge and Jude Hill's last online class. But it's just about killing me not to do Jude's class:).

Off to finish dyeing some floss. It's getting late.

Be creative, my friends.


  1. Exploration is GOOD! The more "tools" there are in your box of creativity, the more options you'll have to accomplish your visions.

  2. I love this: "your box of creativity"...:). I have to admit I am having way too much fun figuring this all out. So much fun. Thank you for reminding me that exploration is good.

  3. I'd considered the Benn & Morgan workshop but decided on Dorothy Caldwell's workshop instead. May be a rare opportunity.
    Look forward to seeing your creations at the Barn in May!