Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Changing Places

     I have traveled to our second home in Vermont. We left on Sunday and thankfully were just ahead of this epic storm. We flew into Burlington, VT  and it was the only airport open on the East Coast. I thought it was just amazing to actually be leaving until the luggage cart hit the wing of the airplane we were on!  After a short delay, we arrived minus only one piece of luggage at our destination.

It takes me a day or two to adjust and get organized here but I am in vacation mode.

It was nice being snowbound yesterday-not as much snow as others but amazing winds with bitter wind chills.

Windy and snowy. It's a nice day to sit by the fire and stitch. I am waiting for my sewing machine to arrive. I had to have it shipped here. Which is a good thing because the one I have here just wouldn't budge today but one or two stitches. It is my first machine-I should have a ceremony for it. Dead as can be. I am not giving up on my goal to have two more pieces done by New Years'.

I have a new computer and I can't figure out how to get to my photo library despite having some great edited photos for you. So, I better go. I found a coffee shop in Morrisville with wi-fi and a great latte so hopefully you will have a better post next time.

Anyone doing the Sketchbook Challenge?

Be creative, my friends and stay warm!


  1. Are you doing the sketchbook project? I'm still trying to decide. Can you tell I'm in a slump by the looks of my blog?

  2. No doing other things which I will tell you about soon. You aren't in a slump at all-you are just more selective about what you put on your blog!!!