Monday, October 11, 2010

The Workshop Queen

     I was asked last week who I had studied with. I couldn't rattle the list off even though I know I have taken lots of classes.  Fortunately, I have lived in many different places over the twenty  some years I have been sewing. I didn't always join a guild but when I did, I wasn't disappointed. It is a good way to take a one or two day workshop to see if it is a technique or method you would like to add to your basic skill set.

 I have had some great teachers and some not so great teachers. But I did take a few minutes to answer that question for myself.

1. Ami Simms
2. Jeanna Kimball
3. Nancy Pearson
4. Ann Frishkorn
5. Harriet Hargrove
6. Mary Ellen Hopkins
7. Mary Stori
8. Maureen Noble

Non traditional
1. Elin Noble and Jane Davila
2. Carol Soderlund
3. Libby Lehman
4. Carol Taylor
5.. Velda Newman
6.. Ellen Ann Eddy
7. Marjorie Mcwilliams (Quilt Universtiy)
8. Melanie Testa ( Joggles)
9. Jude Hill (online)
10. Nancy Crow x 3

 I know there are some I have forgotten. Now that I have written it all down-wow that's alot of classes! And  wide range of teachers and styles. I don't have a burning desire to take another right now. Maybe next spring. Just want to work. I just wanted to have a better answer the next time someone asks me who I have studied with!

Do you have a favorite teacher or class you have taken? Why did you like it? Or is there someone you haven't taken a class from but has inspired you?

Happy Sewing, my friends!


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