Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Flop of the Workshop Queen

     I really love to read what I read the day before - and then laugh at what I have written. I am making a costume for one of those silly high school events. decided to be Jessie and Woody from Toy Story. I thought ok that will be easy. Fabric obtained and ready to sew yesterday thinking I would be done in a day.

     I have made and re-made the yellow vest-maybe four times so far. I don't sew garments for a reason. Everything just seems backwards to me and I can't make it all fit together. No I don't have a pattern. How hard did I think it was going to be? On top of my frustration is the little princess who thought it wasn't quite right again... Tomorrow I need to conquer the cuffs and the chaps which will go over jeans.

     So much for all that knowledge I have from all those workshops. Knowledge is only good if you can use it. Most of my usable knowledge is currently coming for free on the internet.

      The good part of my day was that my camera lens came back from the repair shop. Maybe you will get pictures of this lovely costume yet this week and it will be finished.

     My new machine seems to like piecing.

A trial of machine quilting on this next. After the Jessie costume is done.

Washed up two surface design pieces which were painted with some diluted acrylic paints. I feel like a squirrel putting away as much summer time dyeing and painting to use in the long winter months here.  Can't get enough put away.

I was worried they were going to be stiff but I heat set first, then washed them. Nice and soft. Ready for hand stitching this winter.

Off to sew a costume.
Happy Sewing, my friends!

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