Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Slower Things

     I have crashed after a long period of going and going. I feel as if I am walking in deep sand this week and going nowhere fast. I want to pull the covers up and sleep although I haven't found much space for that. I have things up on my design wall but it's not clicking. So I sat with one of my many unfinished projects. Quietly and slowly stitching. I am tired of rushing.

     Maybe some things just are meant to take longer than others. Hope to get my energy back soon. Might take a highly caffeinated beverage to make it through today though.

Be creative for me, would you? Happy sewing, my friends.


  1. i feel for you as i'm pushing myself to plug on through...seem to be doing better today but MAN talk about BOG!
    relax. chill. i'm reading an amazing book you might like: half broke horse by jeannette walls
    true story written in first person about her grandmother. she also wrote a great book 'the glass castle'.
    have fun!

  2. I'm with you. I have found deadlines very stressful, whether self-imposed or not. Slowing down is a good antidote.

  3. paula--love those books-just read them this summer after borrowing them from the girl across the street in VT. Ha-you are still a little bit VT. Glad to see you know how to chill.

    Ruth-deadlines...they do push me forward though!

  4. I'm with you Colleen. I have spent this week, so far, putting fabric up, taking it down, not sure where I want to go, and not getting anywhere. Oh well, something will happen at some point! I have spent 2 weeks doing other things, and sending my youngest off on his own, so it is tricky getting back to the studio. Good luck! It will happen.