Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fun With Fools

     Since I have have been home, I have this overwhelming desire to be by the water. We live about 45 minutes from Lake Michigan and I have been taking every opportunity to soak in some water views. The plan on Saturday was to get up early and join all the other crazy people who wanted to do the same thing and go to the beach. However, the weather took a real turn and it was cold and very windy. Well, we went anyway but just took a drive and walk along the lakeshore. We ended up at South Haven beach- windy, cold and 63 degrees.

    I haven't seen the lake like this in a long time. The waves were washing over the pier and a fool was standing out at the end.

I looked out and I saw these guys-what is this-not parasailing?-windboarding? They were flying on these boards and having a great time. I had never seen this before.

There were three guys who went out and were just having so much fun riding with the wind.

I kept thinking of how incredibly strong their upper bodies must have been with the wind gusts we were having.

The board looked like a snowboard.

The sail was large and heavy-drying off before he loaded it into his truck.

A little water watching at the end of summer. Then I went home and have spent about ten hours purging my sewing room-dealing with scraps and things. Guess I didn't really put things away after returning home:).

Happy Summer, my friends!


  1. I think the sport is called kite-boarding. Looks pretty scary to me but my son informed me that he thought it would be fun to get involved. Need to acquire some basic gear though, like the board and the "kite".

  2. I've seen "those guys" out kite boarding/wind surfing out on the lake in the early spring and late fall. They wear those full-body wet suits for protection against the cold water and wind. And boy, do they fly.