Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nice Interview

     There is a nice interview about Nancy Crow on Terri Jarrod Dimond's blog this morning.

      At one point, Nancy came in our class a bit irritated about what a reporter had asked her. She spoke to us about the fact that she is an artist who makes quilts. She was passionate about not wanting to lose the word quilt out of our vocabulary or definition of who we are. Not textile artist, not fiber artist but an artist who makes quilts.

      Prior to this class, I was introduced by my mom to one of her friends. When her friend asked what I did my response- I am a mom but in my spare time I am an artist and I make quilts. She had lots of questions for me. It was the first time I said it and it felt awkward-do I really think of myself that way? Now I will be honest with you and I did know she was a sculptor. So I wasn't that brave. But what will my response be? Will I care enough about the heritage of quilting to make that statement mine? Do I need to go to art school to consider myself an artist?

                                                   Art outside the Barn

                                               Working hard-on the wall

     Ok what do you consider your self? What words do you use to define your art? I am just interested.

Off to garden-a day of sunshine!
Happy Sewing, my friends!


  1. i am an artist. i dont consider myself to be anything else. not a mom, not a wife, and art pretty much takes up my entire day any way you slice it.
    i dont think school makes you and artistyoumake you an artist. :)

  2. You are an artist and I knew what your response would be! I also do not think you need school or workshops to be an artist:)! Just like to rile everyone up!

  3. Just saying the words, "I am an artist", is a BIG thing. It took me nearly 50 years to say it and a few more to be comfortable saying it.

    Now the term I prefer for what I do is "textile artist". My rationalization is the techniques and some materials I incorporate go beyond the tradition of quilt making.

  4. Nancy told me to say I am a studio artist, so I am getting used to saying I am an artist, and a musician. I don't have a problem saying the word quilt, but there always seems to be definite opinions on that, which I understand. It seems to me textile artist or quilt artist both require more explanation as to what the terms actually mean.

  5. haha
    i will tell you i honestly dont think it matters what you call yourself. call yourself a quilter if that makes you feel more comfortable. why not?
    i know plenty of people who say they are an artist and hope they realize they are not....and i not plenty of people are wouldn't call themselves that but are more so than i am for sure.
    calling, labeling, naming...seems like it has nothing to do with doing. does it?

  6. thinks you are right. all this learning kind of overwhelmed me and i needed to box it in somewhere. I am what i am and that's just learning and doing! Maybe what I need to define for myself is where do I want to go with it?

  7. We don't like it when schools, teachers, or other people label our children. Why would we want to label ourselves? You simply are who you are, and hopefully that is not the same as who you were last year or who you will be next year. Labels are stagnant. People are not.
    Just my 2 cents worth on the topic.
    :) Sharon