Thursday, February 4, 2010

You Can See The Moon

     Despite my post from yesterday, I had a great time when Paula  from PaulaArt recommended me for a Treasury at Etsy. It's a means of putting together a group of items, displaying  them for a short period of time and having people vote on them quickly. Take a look at the Treasury West and see all the great items. You can then click on all the items and the treasury with the most votes gets to be on the front page of it-until the next round. So easy to get lost  there that it was nice of her to look out for me. Thank you Paula!

I just wanted something simple. Any suggestions for the edge/binding? It's over dyed upholstry fabric so I think it will be too thick for a flat art quilt binding. It's for a simple home.

Happy sewing, my friends!


  1. How do you vote? It's probably obvious but I mossed it.

  2. How about a binding in that reddish color that is in the blue? Or a dark green?

  3. I think reddish...thank you !

    Lynne-just click on each item!

  4. glad you liked the T! i wish it were that easy, most votes gets front page...i dont know who/why/how front page happens but it helps to have lots of clicks :)
    i have no suggestions for the edge...sewing is another world i've no clue about :)

  5. Edge idea - try Melody Johnson's no binding edge, called Melody's Escape Hatch Finish. You'll find it on her blog, Fibermania. I just found your blog, love your work! It's not too late to try QAWM; I am just getting started myself.