Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Night Special

     I never blog on the weekend but wanted to come and enjoy the fire down by my family. And I knew I couldn't sew any more tonight! I know you were wondering where I was on Friday. I was in the process of being rescued by my good friend Lynne. From what- you ask?
     I was pleasantly working on my barn quilt with my sewing machine facing my design wall. And as I was making great progress,  I had a sick feeling in my stomach. The sinking feeling when you know it's not right, but you just don't want to face it. Now, I could have taken the hint. No comments were left on the day when I posted it. And then, another not so subtle hint from my family-it's ok.- glad you are almost done- was the sentiment. I had to face the truth-the jeans quilt was really bad. The color of the print I used for the feet background didn't look right. And the feet were going nowhere. The dimensions weren't working for me either.
     Now, I felt absolutely sick after sleeping on this decision. The feet were sewn on after I ironed them on with wonder under. I was stuck with that. After talking to Lynne, she suggested a few things and I took her up on adding a sun above the feet. Of course, that meant piecing together a whole new section for the sun to lay on. And three different trips to get the right color yellow. And then sewing the wrong color on. And then sewing the rays way too big. And needing to peel them back,

scrape the wonder under off(thank goodness that worked because I would resign as a quilter and become a knitter if I had to start this sucker over). And then holding the piece up and my family each having negative comments....They were all right. So, I modified the sun, added some more pieces and finally got it right. Not right, but just improved from the bad spot I was in. I breathed a little tonight but know I have yet to start the quilting. And I wasn't a bit relieved when the next comment was-this is the biggest thing you have worked on in a long time.

     Clearly, I needed an intervention at some point this weekend. Or maybe my family needed an intervention from me and my auction quilt. It's a bit like a bad dream ...My goal is to have it done by next weekend. It's taking way too long for something that is going to be,at it's best, not so great.

     I am going to sit by the fire and work on stars in the sky. I love this little hand project. It calms me.

    And to reward you for listening to me complain , I want to share with you a link to a giveaway for a beautiful  leather bound journal. (Thank you Paula for sharing!)   Check out Teo . You need to register by Jan 27th.

Also, if you want to take a look at an artist who puts a verb to her art quilts, check out Lauren Camp.

Happy Sewing, my friends!



  1. you know colleen, posting art online is a tricky vulnerable thing to do. there are times no one comments on my stuff immediately if AT ALL. when that happens, i normally say 'well..its crap then'. but that is ridiculous of me and you to think that no comments (especially THAT DAY) MEANS something. case in point last week or before that? i posted 2 found object candle holders i made and no one said a thing for maybe a week. i love them frankly, so i wrestled with what i thought was 'brilliance (haha) and lack of response from the throngs of blog readers (haha again).

    look, we blog and make work because we have to, not to get approval even if we want it and yes, sometimes need it! :)

    to further complicate things...sometimes i personally dont even like the art i see but i will comment anyway and even be supportive and positive because sometimes i can actually get to a place that isn't judgmental and see it for what it is and for who the person is. just because i wouldn't want it doesn't mean it is 'bad'.

    ive also found people are busy...and they dont always want to comment even if they like something, some times you just want to read blogs in your google reader and not have to work any harder than that :)

  2. You are right my wise friend. Bottom line was that I didn't like it. And I knew I could do better. No sense getting all fussy about it! Thanks -I did try to reply earlier today but I couldn't post a comment. I am guilty of just looking on a busy day and not leaving comments!

  3. ...and the bottom line is what matters. believe me i have been way worse...WAY WORSE.
    sometimes just showing art changes it and its a bitter pill to swallow when you realize you dont like it.
    love your honesty and vulnerability and sense of play and purpose all rolled into one. so glad you are blogging and i know you :)