Tuesday, January 26, 2010

fussing isn't usually me

   It really isn't. I apologize for fussing about that silly quilt. I learned the hard lesson of not having a plan but having a vision. I should have had the quilt sketched out and planned out  in a SKETCHBOOK. Oh yah that's what this month is about. It is being quilted and it's doable to have it done this week-just big 60x90 and heavy.

I went down the basement yesterday and found two half yards of fabric in a bucket of soda ash water. I had forgotten about it from when I did snow dyeing about two weeks ago. And I found a little bit of dye left in my bottle. So I thought I would try it even though the water actually felt cold.  A surprising result. A pretty sunshine yellow that reminded me of daffodils.

That was worth trying!

So my lesson of the day for myself is after all my fussing....just do what feels right  when I want to

and not worry about what everyone else thinks about my


 :) that's cheesy, I know. better go. Happy sewing, my friends.

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  1. its not cheesy...it warms my heart and reminds me to do the same. thank you!