Thursday, January 7, 2010

So it Begins

    Lest you think I have not been working very hard... I do have more than a few works in progress. Just not ready to show you some of them-need to think about them. I did make some progress yesterday piecing the background of my recycled jeans quilt. The background is about 5 x 6 and has gone easily.

 I did cut out two feet  to see what it will look like-they will be blanket-stitched on. The sewing on of the feet will be tedious and kind of boring for you. More boring for me...Even thought the auction isn't until March, I feel like this is hanging over my head. I'll update you on this as I make some progress.

   Project JOY: I was a drawing winner of some fat quarters and a tin. Fun.

     New books: I treated myself with some new books with my gift card. I love them all.

     Melanie Testa's book has some great exercises to work through. The newer magazine Art Studio- I have looked at it several times already. Great challenges in it. I have been reading Jude hill's blog spiritcloth and love the quiet intentional handwork. Check it out . The heart piece featured in the magazine is dwelling in the back of my mind. I want to being doing that instead of feet!

  Snow dyeing tomorrow if we get the snow that's predicted. Happy sewing, my friends.


  1. that first photo of the jean quilt...looks perfect just like that. its an art installation!

  2. Thanks- I do like it and it is giving me great ideas...for the next one. This will end up being cute -but cool, I hope-for a school auction.