Monday, January 18, 2010

Improvisational Quilting

       I began piecing improvisationally after a workshop I took about three years ago by Nancy Crow. If you ever have the opportunity, go to one of her workshops. No matter where you are in your journey, you will benefit from it. I'll talk more about that in another post.

    I normally have an idea in my sweet little head about what I want my piece to look like. I then pick fabrics, strip piece and then begin cutting and designing-on the wall-no sketches. Then no measurements and definitely, no patterns. I re-arrange and create on the design wall. This is immensely fun but I sometimes just fall flat on my face with the design. I went back to my notes from three years ago to try to think of what I am missing. The missing piece for me seems to be my journal or sketchbook. I am not using it consistently. I need to play more on paper-what do I want it to look like? What's the vision for the piece?

    So this week I will start there-in an entirely different place than I have been. These are my parameters for my next work:

  -I have an inspirational photo. My barn in VT. But it will be abstract and not representational.

  -sketch of what I would like it to look like. To be done today.
  -50 fabrics of my palette-I am stuck on an island and there are no other fabric stores. This is what I have chosen:

   - size of 24x36.

Four parameters and I am going to stick with that. They are broad enough that I won't feel like I am in a box.  This will be a huge challenge for me- But I know for the next class I need a sketch to start with. Any one want to join in on setting a few parameters for themselves and seeing what happens? You won't know if you don't try. If you do, let me know. You have two weeks!

An inspirational link: Judy Martin  a thought provoking post on quiltmaking in today's culture . Love the photos.

         So be inspired -you chose the parameters. Happy Sewing, my friends.


  1. what class are you taking where you need a sketch first? I don't remember doing that at NC before. I am finding it pays to remind myself of what we did at those workshops, like take pictures as you go along! It really helps with the colors, and remembering what you did! Good luck with what you are doing.

  2. Sets and variables-she wants you to have numerous designs made up and sewn in black and white( and of course if you have time reverse it to white and black). Done before you come! I just don't put measurements down or really think about sizes or drawings...I just do.