Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Building of the Barn

     Always wanted to do a quilt representing a barn-the architecture is so neat-I see lines in the each of the boards-the windows-the doors-the roofline. I started to work on this late morning and didn't make it too far. But I now have a little bit more of a vision of what needs to be done. I did, as promised to myself, start with a drawing. I just ended up re-drawing the photo. That was no help. Then, I saw those things I love- the lines. And lines are strip sets to me. As much as I don't want it to look like a barn , this first in my series might indeed look like a barn.

 I spent the morning taking pictures of all my quilts for my records and also to be able to list a few of them on Etsy. Only to find that my image size was too large. So....I took them again....I really should just stop when I can't make something that is computer or camera related work. But I much prefer to bang my head into a wall and try it 30-40 times only to realize, it doesn't work:).Sometimes being determined is a real detriment to one's health.

Happy Sewing, my friends!


  1. I like the way you stripped red with purple - nice shadows and delineation of the boards. You might get a better idea of abstraction if you closely crop your picture which helps you concentrate on just shapes and not "barn, like the barn door or where the roof lines come together.
    And can't you adjust image size in photoshop? David tells me to take the largest image size possible and then adjust images to the size required for submission.

  2. yes- it was a silly mistake and you can do that in photoshop...I was frustrated because I needed to adjust image size and then canvas size....

    good suggestion on the closely cropped picture!Thank you!

  3. nice to see work in action...a real barn is shaping up!

  4. Bet you don't miss seeing barns! What do you see the most of there? Not just creepy buildings...I'm sure