Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hand Dyed -From the Same Cloth

    I am battered down inside from the terrible winds today-40mph and  7 degrees out-brr! A sharp contrast from a great walk at the end of the day yesterday. I snuck away to the library and stole my daughter's laptop to blog in peace and quiet of the library. First, let me show you what I fell in love with yesterday. I am such a sucker for the runt of the litter. The one on the right is Junior-I would name him Moose JR. Except it is a him and probably wouldn't work too well with my two females.... I just love puppies.
     You come for quilts, I know. I have been madly sewing on Project Joy #9. I will definitely make the deadline but have decided it needed to be handquilted and have all sorts of embellishment. I really like it. It is of the same piece of material of the last small work I showed you hung on my tree. I can't count it as done yet but just need about two more inches and the binding.


 The photo is a bit too red. But here's another of the hand work.

The cloth was a large piece of hand dyed fabric. I overdyed it and the bottom was much lighter. This is from the bottom.

     The lightest green and yellow did not come form the cloth. Amazing how different one piece of cloth can look like in composition! Both pieces are about 12 x 15. I'll post with them side by side when done.

Better go- stay warm. Happy sewing, my friends.


  1. who doesn't love a runt :) wow. did you get yourself a puppy???
    like the work you are doing, the colors, lines etc. nice to see you are having a productive winter! stay warm as you go out there in that mess!

  2. Those puppies are cute! Oh my... I can see why you were tempted.
    I really like this little quilt, especially what you've done with the hand stitching and the beads.

  3. Well-no puppy yet. Thanks for the encouragement. The hand stitching was peaceful...so nice for the week after Christmas.