Sunday, December 30, 2012

Working Away in Vermont

      I traveled to Vermont the day after Christmas. We have a houseful for the vacation so lots of cooking has been involved but also lots of great snow so the family is skiing and playing in the snow.

     And I am back to sewing. I started with working on my free motion quilting. I really want to find a way to make the quilting aspect of it less tedious. So I will dedicate specific time over the next few months to work on it every time I am in the studio.

   I made a small bag out of this sample so I could document : the beginning.

     I also realized I would need a big design wall to work on the next project. So, I took a trek to the hardware store and came home with a 2"x 4 'x 8' piece of insulation.

      I covered it with flannel and am working on a Sets and Variables # 3 workshop piece. It hopefully will be pieced tomorrow. It's been great to be back to sewing!


  1. love the bag! Happy New Year Colleen!

  2. Have a great new year! Your fmq is looking good!