Thursday, September 20, 2012

Opening Night

       Yesterday was the official opening of Artprize 2012.  But the venue I was participating in, Cathedral Square  had an artist's opening on Tuesday night and it was a great time to meet other artists.  I had a hard time taking photos but another fiber artist, Elizabeth Brandt,  found some great pictures here: Cathedral Square -the facebook album for our venue. The curators are standing in front of my piece. Very fun!

     I have had the privilege of walking this journey with a friend, Elizabeth. We have known each other  two years after meeting at the Crow Barn. Elizabeth and I are first time Artprize artists and we were chosen for the same venue as well as her talented husband Blair Rieckman, a sculptor. Our moments of panic, our hard work and just the joy of participating certainly was made sweeter by doing it with friends! I really cherish this time with them and their help. Blair provided my hanging rod and Elizabeth used her marvelous graphic design skills to design my cards.

Elizabeth Brandt, "Instructions for Living"

Viewers enjoying Elizabeth Brandt's piece

     Make sure you look at her Artprize profile as it shows the time-consuming and amazing process she used to create her piece. I loved seeing this piece develop over the past few months and love her! Great job, Elizabeth. 

Blair Rieckman, Cuneiform

   Just met Blair a short time ago.  I loved the shadows this sculpture made on the wall as did  my son.
Great job Blair and thanks for letting me take a picture( he was initially an unwilling subject ) and for your help.

Rooflines #6, Colleen Kole 2012

A happy artist!

I am having a great time meeting people, artists and answering questions! I hope to see some art too over the next few days. 


  1. Congratulations on this exciting night. Lots of hard work preceded it. Kudoes

  2. How exciting! Congratulations! Your piece looks fantastic there.

  3. Congratulations! Your piece looks great!

  4. There are such interesting pieces in the show. Your piece looks beautiful. Congrats!

  5. It is great! I'm very happy for you. Congrats!!

  6. I'm late coming to this post, but I did get to see your wonderful piece at ArtPrize. YEAH! for all 3 of you ... what an experience to be part of ArtPrize!