Monday, May 28, 2012

Let Fabric Dyeing Begin For Summer 2012

     What a great weekend to dye fabrics-hot, humid and in the 90's. I had worked pretty steadily all week to finish up the yard work and made a nice long list for my kids on Monday. I promised them if they got caught up on some of their chores, we could slide into summer after the school year finishes up.

     I was so excited to get going on fabric dyeing, I just wasn't paying attention to the details. And I was so overwhelmed by different teachers, books and how they each vary the process a little and just enough to make it confusing for me. So, the first batch of dyes I mixed incorrectly. Blah results.

    And the next bunch of fabrics, I was trying to make a particular color and got everything but that color. That will be over dyed in the future. Then, I went to every source I had and laid it out on my kitchen table comparing everything in a chart format. Still confused.

    Then, I called a friend up and she came over and walked me through a few steps I had all jumbled up in my blonde brain. Oh boy. Finally, some better results though.

      I need to remember to slow down, think about what I am doing and weigh the dyes. CONSISTENTLY for CONSISTENT results if you want a particular color. Thank you very much friend.

One more batch to be rinsed out in the morning. The temperature will change tomorrow so the rest will have to wait. I was definitely inspired by the colors of my garden, wasn't I?


  1. A good resource is Paula Burch at

  2. Glad you're back on the dye track. You always get lovely blues!
    What are those two beautiful flowers?

  3. Colleen, I even like your "blah" fabrics! But I agree, you have to weigh to get consistent results.

    Your yard looks lovely!

  4. You know, Colleen...if you really aren't happy with the first batch I am sure I can make some room in my stash for those "blah" fabrics!


  5. I am so with you on your dyeing efforts. Been trying to dye solids for my upcoming Nancy Crow workshop and seems to end up with the same colors! I must sign up for the workshop with Carol Suderland!!!